Thermoforming by Empire West Inc.

Thermoforming plastic products has been a specialty at Empire West Plastics since 1968, but customer service is and always will be our highest priority.

We are intensely proud of our thermoformed plastic Ceilume Ceiling Tiles and Panels and our Safe-Guard Pet-G Optics Packaging Containers, and our custom vacuum formed products set the highest standards for value and performance, but customers come first at Empire West Plastics and they always have.

We invite you to spend a few minutes and get to know Empire West Inc. Whether you need designer ceiling tiles and drop ceiling panels for your home or business, quality packaging for your sensitive optics, or a custom thermoformed plastic enclosure for that new product the world has been waiting for, we're here to help... and we'd like to get to know you too!

Best Regards,

Ed Davis
President, Empire West Inc.