About Empire West Inc.

Almost 40 years ago Empire West Plastics began building envelope handling trays for the photofinishing industry. Today customers around the world rely upon our innovative engineering, precise part development, and on-time delivery capabilities to meet the rapidly changing demands of the marketplace. From concept to tooling, pre-production to project maturity, Empire West Inc. is ready to meet your custom plastics needs.

Located in Graton, California just an hour north of the Golden Gate Bridge, Empire West prides itself on supporting its community, being a good workplace for its employees, and providing great products and service for its customers.


JIT delivery, variable release dates, blanket orders, modified schedules - today's marketplace requires the ability to react, regroup, and respond on a daily basis. We understand that the ability to change direction quickly is precisely what keeps us and our customers ahead of the competition.


At Empire West Inc. quality assurance is unsurpassed. Meeting just-in-time and dock-to-stock requirements of our customers is our primary objective.


A supplier is only as good as its ability to respond to your needs. The key to quick response is quick access. Empire West uses cutting edge communications technology to guarantee that all our resources are available to meet your needs at a moment's notice.


Contact us anytime and the right personnel will get to you with the right information immediately.