Thermoforming Information

One of the most important services we can provide our customers is access to information that will make their jobs easier, their products better, and their businesses more profitable. Whatever your level of interest in thermoforming happens to be, we have created resources matched to your needs.

For those interested in some basic background information on thermoforming, how it has evolved over the last 60 years, and the characteristics to look for when seeking a thermoformer, our brief article, The 3 T's of Modern Thermoforming, is a great place to start.

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of the thermoforming process, our Thermoforming Tech Academy gives you in-depth explanations of the materials, design considerations, molding techniques, and production choices available, as well as an exhaustive Thermoforming Glossary that is one of the most useful reference tools you will find on the web.

Please take full advantage of these tools and resources, and please let us know if you have something to contribute to the overall value and usefulness of this section. Enjoy!