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Today's manufacturers and engineers need choices, options, and a clear cost/benefit analysis before deciding on a final design. At Empire West our goal is to bring focus to the thermoforming design process, so your part moves into tooling with the full benefit of our thirty years experience in the custom plastics industry.


Empire West combines advanced technology, quality materials, and the highly regarded skills of our experienced tooling craftsmen to make the finest molds in the industry.

Working in machined aluminum, cast epoxy, and metal arc spray, our mold makers will custom fabricate tools that are guaranteed to form your parts within tolerance and on time. Our engineering staff will help you build-in value and design-out cost before the tooling begins. It is impossible to form superior parts with an inferior mold.


Advanced technology is embedded into Empire West's manufacturing processes at every level - from our computerized forming machines, to our 3 and 5-axis numerically controlled routing stations, to our integrated network software. Precision, repeatability, quality, and speed are the words we live by at Empire West Plastics.


Superior fixturing liberates the finished part from the formed plastic. With it we can achieve the aesthetics, integrity, and flexibility of injection molding. Without it the quality and consistency you require cannot be achieved. Our precision-cast, vacuum-actuated fixtures, when combined with our computer-controlled routing systems, provide unequaled repeatability and tolerance control. The fixtures made by our tooling team during the development stage are essential to the production of superior quality products, and are used in forming the plastic, trimming it to exact specifications and producing the quality you expect.