Custom Thermoforming

For thirty six years, Empire West Inc. has produced an impressive array of custom thermoformed parts, both for short and long runs. This product showcase displays a selection of items that demonstrate our capabilities and flexibility.

Handling Tray The photofinishing and retail pharmacy industries have depended on our large selection of versatile, custom thermoformed handling trays and totes.

Screen Bezel Using innovative tooling, design, and manufacturing techniques we have produced over 50 sizes of custom screen bezels that are used on computer screens every day.

Voice Mail Enclosure This pressure formed voice mail enclosure perfectly matches an injection molded mating component, but at one tenth the cost of injection molded tooling.

Safeway Bagging Dexterity Kit For Safeway's "Bagging Dexterity Kit" we manufactured the colored task pieces, the multi-compartment tray, and the attractive cover - complete with screen printed logo.

Quick Stop Menu This retail identity system, produced for Quick Stop markets, is an excellent example of our tooling and production capabilities.

Complex Housing We specialize in complex housing for electronics that take full advantage of our approach to tooling, fixturing, trimming, and finishing.

Safe-Guard Optics Container From trays to ceiling tiles to optics containers, we can design, create, or reproduce almost anything in plastic.